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Adam Graduation Bear Executive Bundle with Tan Notebook + Silver Pen

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Contents included:

- Adam, MABROOKATIONS® first official Graduation Bear wearing a Blue top

- A beautifully embossed MABROOKATIONS® Tan notebook

- An elegantly engraved MABROOKATIONS® Silver refillable rollerball pen

+$15 for cape embroidery

+$5 for exclusive MABROOKATIONS® card


Say MABROOKATIONS® to someone you love with Adam, MABROOKATIONS® first official Graduation Bear wearing a Blue top.  The Adam Graduation Bear "Executive" bundle comes with Adam, a beautifully embossed MABROOKATIONS® Tan notebook and an powerful MABROOKATIONS® Silver refillable rollerball pen.  

Sitting in a customised clear acetate box, Adam is 25cm, wearing his signature blue top, a black graduation cape, mortar board and certificate. Adam's graduation cape can be embroidered with "Class of 2021" and a graduate name - adding that special personalisation!  PLEASE NOTE: CAPE EMBROIDERY FOR ADAM WILL BE IN SILVER UNLESS YOU STATE OTHERWISE.

MABROOKATIONS® embossed notebooks come as a PU Leather cover, in a Tan colour. 192 pages of FSC certified pages, manufactured from sustainably managed sources.  The notebook has a magnetic closure and ribbon bookmark, so your young executive knows exactly what they are up to.  This exclusive note book also includes a pen loop, capable of holding your elegantly engraved

MABROOKATIONS® rollerball pen.  The elegantly engraved MABROOKATIONS® rollerball pen is made of durable metal.  Whilst not for everyday use, this pen is perfect for signing all those contracts! The MABROOKATIONS® rollerball pen is available in a powerful gold outer.

MABROOKATIONS® also has you covered with a beautiful card. Our exclusive MABROOKATIONS® cards can only be purchased through and are printed on luxurious 330gsm paperstock. Customisation of the card is free upon request, helping complete your  personalised graduation gift.  Remember, it's a celebration!