Little Lamb Family Set - Rmedih – MABROOKATIONS®
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Little Lamb Family Set - Rmedih


Our exclusive & adorable MABROOKATIONS® Little Lamb Family Set - Rmedih is an amazing addition to your Eid Al Adha decor. Made from real wool, felt and wood, our Little Lamb Family Set - Rmedih comes in a customised MABROOKATIONS® acetate box with green grass... the cutest little ornaments you will have on your table!  The Large Sheep stands at roughly 16cm, the Medium Sheep stands roughly at 14cm and the Little Lamb stands roughly at 11cm. Additional Little Lamb and Large Sheep can be purchased separately.  Please note, this product is fragile.

The Little Lamb Family Set - Rmedih, exclusive to MABROOKATIONS®.  Remember, it’s a celebration.